Picking Out An Engagement Rings? Three Reasons You May Want To Ditch A Diamond And Go With A Moissanite Ring

9 October 2019
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Diamonds have long been used in engagement rings due to their beauty and prestige. However, more and more people are looking for stones that may be more affordable and don't infringe on human rights when they are being mined or produced. One of the stones that many people are turning to in lieu of a diamond is a moissanite stone. Mosisanite can be found naturally, but it can also be lab created. Read More 

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Wedding Bands

22 August 2019
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A wedding ring is a big investment. Not only does it symbolize the bond you and your spouse are creating, but it will also be a piece of jewelry you will hopefully wear forever. Therefore, making sure you choose the right wedding bands is important. With this guide, you will learn a few common mistakes people make when selecting wedding bands. Opting for Trendy Designs Today, there are many different wedding ring styles on the market. Read More 

Reasons For Shopping Estate Sales For Jewelry

1 July 2019
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If you like to look for great finds by going to estate sales, then you want to watch out for those great pieces of jewelry that you can often find at these sales. There are a lot of reasons why buying jewelry from estate sales is a good idea. Here are some of the reasons why you want to start looking for jewelry, when you go to estate sales from now on. Read More 

Diamond Jewelry Gift Ideas

15 April 2019
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When you want to really splurge on a gift for a special woman in your life, such as your mom or wife, consider treating her to a piece of diamond jewelry. Whether the piece is made of silver or gold or features one diamond or several, it's sure to be a present she'll never forget.  The gift of diamonds is ideal for a wide range of special events and occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, and any holiday. Read More 

3 Tips For Buying An Engagement Ring

14 March 2019
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If you are getting ready to get on one knee and pop the question to the love of your life, you need to do a few things first: 1) ask for permission, 2) get an engagement ring. Unless you yourself are in the jewelry business, though, you may not know the first thing about what you should look for in a ring. Whether you are on a tight budget or you have a lot of money to spend, this article will go over three tips to use when you're buying an engagement ring. Read More